3 thoughts on “A Career in Financial Services at TD

  1. Nice b.s. answers btw… yeah, work at TD Bank, so they can tell you at meetings, multiple times from multiple people, and I quote "Customers like waiting in line as long as they get legendary customer service".
    This guy, I guarantee you he replaced someone who knew twice as much, but the important thing to the bank is, he's working for half as much, he gets less pension and benefits, and nods and smiles to corporate cult-like behaviour. Not like the bank passes on it's savings to the customers. LMAO. If you saw how much the bank wastes on horseshit.
    I work for TD, and it's hell. Close your accounts.

    In my old branch, we had a teller, who knew a lot, and the customers and employees all loved him. His supervisor would've lost her job if it wasn't for him, a job that should've been his BTW. He was constantly passed over for promotions because he asks "questions" at the bank when they say the kinds of b.s. like I shared above, which forces these managerial snow-flake yes people, who's best skills are in the self-preservation department, to actually think about what they are spewing. One time the person they passed him over for, in a financial services officer job, at tax time she didn't even know what a T4 or a T5 was… She asked him… He went into the office and helped her with her customer's tax questions. He is the best co-worker I have ever worked with. He is a hero of mine. You'd think TD valued him… NOPE, they bought him out. They paid him not not be there any more. No coincidence that after that happened, many people left the bank, I was already switching jobs and branches… Can't image that branch without him to be honest. In his last week, he prevented a customer from being defrauded $5000, when a teller that was replacing him no less, almost gave out a bank draft, guaranteed funds, on a fraudulent cheque. He stepped in, asked the proper questions, and stopped the transaction and saved the customer that money. Best Bank Teller I've ever seen.

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